Education, Training, Information exchange and Communication

Human resources training project at the Centre for Environmental Creation

In the Centre for Environmental Creation, we organize various projects for developing human resources with an accurate scientific understanding of the situation in Fukushima, providing such information towards the reconstruction of Fukushima.

Science research project presentation session at Commutan Fukushima

This is a science research project presentation seseion aiming to broadly present the research achievements of science research projects, which is one of the summer vacation assignments for primary school children in Fukushima Prefecture, and stimulate their inquiring minds for science and improve their presentation skills.

Commutan Science Academia

Commutan Science Academia is a science club whose purpose is to help children, who are the leaders of the future, expand "their capacity to learn, think for themselves, and act independently on nuclear radiation and environment etc. in Fukushima Prefecture" and "their capacity to understand the situation of Fukushima Prefecture appropriately." We offer two cources including "Basic" for primary school students and "Advanced" for junior high school students.

Fukushima Science Communicator Training Program

Fukushima Science Communicator Training Program is a human resources training program designed for high school students and older to acquire a basic knowledge of nuclear radiation and understanding of the situation of Fukushima which experienced nuclear disaster and to develop their capacity to communicate with others about it through discussion.

Fukushima Narrative Schola

Fukushima Narrative Schola is a program that allows high school students in Fukushima Prefecture to share their stories and feelings about the nuclear disaster with their peers in order to communicate to the public about the present and future of Fukushima, which experienced the nuclear disaster, through workshops and presentations.


*Narrative:The art of communicating ones thoughts to the audience. Especially a skill of expression where each individual will become an agent when speaking.

 Schola:studying technique, process of thinking.

Seseragi School


Seseragi School

To review the water environment around us and raise awareness of the need for water environment conservation, we are broadly recruiting the participation of organizations in "water quality survey by aquatic organisms" as "Seseragi School" and aggregating the research results.


Moreover, we are offering the "Seseragi school instructor traning program" to train instructors for the "water quality survey by aquatic organisms".

Environmental adviser

We delegate the environmental adviser role to academic experts etc. in the prefecture who are active at the forefront of environment field and dispatch them or our stuff as lectures to the lecture meetings, workshops, and training sessions etc. related to environment.

Junior Eco-Club

The Junior Eco-Club is an environmental activity club in which anyone from toddlers (3 years old) to high school students can participate. The Centre for Environmental Creation is acting as a regional office of Fukushima Prefecture.

Chemical Substances Risk Communication

Chemical Substances Risk Communication refers to the sharing of information between businesses that use chemical substances and local residents, the consideration of chemical substances, and the reduction of the environmental burden caused by chemical substances.The Centre for Environmental Creation promotes chemical substance risk communication by holding seminars and case studies of business practices, and conducting surveys on the status of implementation.