Research collaboration

Research collaboration with JAEA and NIES

The organizations of the three participants which implement the measures for the recovery of the environment and environmental creation in CEC are as follows.

  • 福島県/Fukushima Prefecture

    Fukushima Prefecture: Fukushima Prefecture CEC (a branch organization of the Prefectural government).

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  • JAEA

    JAEA: Japan Atomic Energy Agency Fukushima Environmental Safety Center (This is a branch organization of JAEA. Hereinafter called “JAEA Fukushima Center”).

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  • NIES

    NIES: National Institute for Environmental Studies Fukushima Branch Office (This is a branch organization of NIES. Hereinafter called “NIES Fukushima Branch Office”).

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The three organizations will lay the foundations on which they will cooperate and work together comprehensively in a developmental manner, and reinforce the arrangements in which they will do so. They will make a total effort to construct a system in which they can effectively and efficiently conduct activities such as research so as to deal with not only urgent issues, including radioactivity decontamination mainly in living areas and the disposal of radioactive wastes, but also medium- and long-term issues, including assessment of the environmental impact of the decontamination and environmental creation, with the support of the national government.