The 1st Environmental Creation Symposium - Let's Share Ideas About Fukushima's Future

The Centre held the first Environmental Creation Symposium - Let's Share Ideas about Fukushima's Future - on March 4, 2018 (Sun).

Blessed with warm and mild weather for this season, we could have a large number of visitors.


The Centre presented information on environmental restoration and environmental creation in collaboration with various groups conducting environmental activities in the prefecture, and it shared ideas on the future of the environment in Fukushima with the local citizens.

Materials distributed at th symposium(Japanese)「PDF/1.26MB]


1. Panel discussion

"What activities are needed in the future for the recovery and creation of the environment in Fukushima?"

Facilitator: Hiroshi Kainuma (Ritsumeikan University)

Panelists: Genyu Sokyu (writer and temple master at Fukujuji Temple), Miki Sumiyoshi (freelance announcer), Hirofumi Tsukada (Institute of Environmental Radioactivty, Fukushima University), Naoko Seki (Nanakusa Farm), Kazuo Sasaki (Research Departmrnt, the Centre for Environmental Creaion)


Summary of the panel discussion(Japanese)[PDF/235KB]


2. Panel exhibition

In the panel exhibition, thirty-one organizations presented their activitis and deepened exchange with each other.



  High schhl stuents presented the rsults of their scince projects (Adachi High School).




 Photos of the earthquake damage were displayed (Lifelong Learning Division, Fukushima Prefcture).




 Lively discussion took place (Safecast).



 Research activities conducted in the region were introduced (Environmrntal Creation Department, the Centre for Environmental Creation).



 Demonstration of first aid was performed (Fukushima Chapter, Japanese Red Cross Socity).



 The nature of Fukushima was introduced (Aizu Agagawa River Basin Network).


3. Presentation meeting of Scince Talk (workgroup)

Research results were presented for the subjects "Monitoring for protecting our way of life." and "Creating industries by using local resources."

Science Talk abstract(Japanese)[PDF/1.32MB]




"Environmental impact of radioactive materials in the forest fire in Namie Town" (Japanese)[PDF/3.53MB]

Kazuya Matsumoto, Fukushima Prefectural Centr for Environmental Creation


"Exposure to radioactive materials in an indoor nvironment and its dynamics" (Japanese)[PDF/1.28MB]

Atsushi Tanaka, National Insitute for Environmntal Studies


"Consolidating air dose rate maps measured by different methods" (Japanese)[PDF/3.75MB]

Akiyuki Seki, Japan Atomic Energy Agency


"The Forestry Research Centre's Initiatives for Forest and Forestry Revitalization in Fukushima Prefecture - Research of Contamination of Japanese Cedar and Quercus Trees"

Hideki Ogawa, Fukushima Forestry Resarch Centre


Current Status of Agricultural Reconstruction in Fukushima: Looking Back on Seven Years Since the Great Earthquak" (Japanese)[PDF/3.61MB]

Takuro Shinano, Agricultural Radiation Research Center, Tohoku Agricultural Research Center, NARO


"Aspired tio Create Environmentally Friendly Regional Industries - Examples in Shinchi Town and Mishima Town, Fukushima Prefecture" (Japanese)[PDF/4.13MB]

Makoto Oba, Fukushima Branch, National Institute for Environmental Studies


4. Poster presentation of Science Talk (workgroup)

Research results of three organizations comprising the Centre for Environmental Creation were presented.

Poster program (Japanese)[PDF/738KB]




5. International Cesium Workshop (concurrent program, hosted by JAEA)

The progress of research on the behavior of radioactive cesium in the terresterial environment and movements to ecosystems was reported.