Go for Recovering and Re-creating

The Centre for Environmental Creation (CEC) is established with the aim of recovering and re-creating the environment that has been contaminated with radioactive materials.

About Fukushima Prefectural Centre for Environmental Creation(CEC)

The Centre for Environmental Creation (CEC) is established by Fukushima Prefecture with the support of the Japanese government, as a central organization to conduct research, provide information and education, with the aim of recovering and re-creating the environment that has been contaminated with radioactive materials.

Research collaboration

The organizations of the three participants which implement the measures for the recovery
of the environment and environmental creation in CEC are as follows.

  • 福島県/Fukushima Prefecture

    Fukushima Prefecture: Fukushima Prefecture CEC (a branch organization of the Prefectural government).

  • JAEA

    JAEA: Japan Atomic Energy Agency Fukushima Environmental Safety Center (This is a branch organization of JAEA. Hereinafter called “JAEA Fukushima Center”).

  • NIES

    NIES: National Institute for Environmental Studies Fukushima Branch Office (This is a branch organization of NIES. Hereinafter called “NIES Fukushima Branch Office”).

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Experiential learningabout the actual situation of prefecture and radiation

The information and communication building of CEC (“Commutan Fukushima”) will provide visitors from Fukushima Prefecture, other prefectures and other countries with knowledge of the situation in the prefecture and radiation, and the outcomes of research by CEC, in the exhibition room and the experiential learning room.

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Auxiliary facilities

  • Environmental Radiation Monitoring Centre

    The Environmental Radiation Monitoring Centre is a facility for monitoring around nuclear power plants and constant monitoring of space radiation.

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  • Fukushima branch

    At the Fukushima branch, radiochemical analysis of alpha ray radionuclides and beta ray radionuclides contained in trace amounts in environmental samples and the like are carried out.

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  • Inawashiro Aquatic Environment Centre

    Inawashiro Aquatic Environment Centre is a facility that has an auxiliary function for efficiently conducting survey and research on water quality, radioactive substances, etc. in Lake Inawashiro and the Upper Bandai Lakes.

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  •   Wildlife Symbiosis Centre

    Wildlife symbiosis center is a facility for expert and efficient wildlife monitoring. We will disseminate information on radioactive materials and wildlife and biodiversity.

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Access & Inquiry


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