Research Building

Research Building of CEC

In order to conduct environmental recovery and creation from the unprecedented nuclear disaster, it is necessary to promote our efforts by bringing domestic and overseas expertise together. JAEA, Japan's sole comprehensive research and development institute in the field of nuclear power, and NIES, a central institute for environmental research in Japan, are located in this research building, and promote research.

Promote research in four fields

The Prefecture, JAEA、and NIES work closely wit each other to conduct survey and research in four fields: Radiation Measurement, Decontamination and Contaminated Waste Disposal, Environmental Dynamics, and Environmental Creation, with the purpose of environmental recovery/creation in areas contaminated with radioactive substances.

Radiation Measurement

  • Development of analytical and measurement technique
  • Development of evaluation methods and models of radiation dose, etc. and the evaluation models

Decontamination, and Contaminated Waste Disposal

  • Continuous technical support in relation to decontamination, etc.
  • Establishing proper disposal and recycling technique of waste, etc.

Environmental Dynamics

  • Evaluation of transfer behavior
  • Transfer models
  • Evaluation of influence on ecosystems

Environmental  Creation

  • Creation of sustainable community
  • Creation of resilient socirty
  • Creating a life full of nature
  • Creation of integrated innovation



*1 What is Transfer Behavior Evaluation?
It means to investigate and analyze how radioactive materials move in spaces and liquids by following "through which path" and "while being reduced."